The Challenge

Foster care in North Dakota is growing at a rate of 6% each year. Our state now has the 8th highest rate in the nation. When foster placement does occur, North Dakota ranks 39th for placement with kin/relatives.


The Solution

More kinship placements means children keep their ties to family through a familiar, safe and nurturing environment. Research shows that kids raised in kinship care:

  • Have fewer disruptions in school
  • Have fewer behavioral problems
  • Experience less trauma at parental separation

North Dakota's Rank for Children in Foster Care (per capita)

North Dakota's Rank for Kinship Placement


Foster Care Grows Each Year in North Dakota

Reasons Children Are Unable to Stay at Home

Parent Is Deployed

Parent Abuses Drugs or Alcohol

Parent Passes Away

Child Experiences Abuse or Neglect

Parent Has Physical or Mental Health Issues

Parent Has a Disability

Children Raised in Kinship Care




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